Newsletter #2

Dear friends and neighbors,

We have officially completed a year in office and what a year it’s been!

• Thanks to our hard-fought 15 Now campaign, we passed the historic $15 minimum wage in Seattle.

• To crack down on rampant wage theft in our city, we won additional funding for the new Office of Labor Standards.

• Together with indigenous activists, we established Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

These and many other victories have shown what is possible when we build movements—we can overcome resistance from the political establishment and its corporate backers to improve ordinary people’s lives. We should celebrate our successes, and then build on them to win even bigger victories.

I hope you will join with me. Let’s take our city forward and make Seattle affordable—for all.


Kshama Sawant

In this issue:

  • Seattle's out of control rent
  • Shell Oil platform in Seattle's Port
  • The fight against a new youth jail
  • Municipal Broadband
  • and more!

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Newsletter #1

It's hard to believe it's already been a year since Kshama became the first Socialist elected to Seattle City Council in a century. So much has happened since then. We've been working so hard on winning a $15/hour minimum wage, on the city budget and so many other projects, we felt we need a way to communicate with everyone what's going on.

We've started a newsletter, which we plan to put out every other month. We've already printed thousands of this issue and we still need help distributing them. If you can help drop them at doors in your neighborhood, please email us at

In this issue:

  • Seattle's Housing Crisis
  • The Fight for $15/hour
  • Expand Public Transit
  • Preventing Oil Train Disaster in Seattle
  • The Mayor's Business As Usual Budget
  • And other reports!

 You can download the pdf here.

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We did it in 2013, let's do it in 2015!


Please support the re-election of Kshama Sawant in 2015 by donating today.

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Kshama Sawant Responds to Obama's State of the Union Address


Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address
Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative, Seattle City Council
Tuesday January 28, 2014

Tonight, President Obama talked about the deepening inequality.

But that is a testament of his own presidency. A presidency that has betrayed the hopes of tens of millions of people who voted for him out of a genuine desire for fundamental change away from corporate politics and war mongering.

Poverty is at record-high numbers - 95% of the gains in productivity during the so-called recovery have gone to the top 1%.

The president’s focus on income inequality was an admission of the failure of his policies.

An admission forced by rallies, demonstrations, and strikes by fast food and low wage workers demanding a minimum wage of $15. It has been forced by the outrage over the widening gulf between the super-rich and those of us working to create this wealth in society.

While the criminals on Wall Street are bailed out, courageous whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are hunted down and the unconstitutional acts he exposed are allowed to continue.


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Build the Fight for 15 - A Day of Organizing, Education and Music

When: Saturday, February 15th, 2pm
Where: SEIU 775 Headquarters (215 Columbia Street; Seattle, WA 98104)
Facebook event here

Join 15 Now to launch a group in your neighborhood to educate, mobilize and help raise the Fight for 15 to the
next level!

The Fight for 15 in Seattle has been gathering momentum, but winning $15/hour will require the active participation of thousands. Big Business will not let a $15 minimum wage pass without a fight. They will mobilize their resources to derail, delay, and dilute efforts to end the poverty wages that are the source of their profits. 

The only way we counter the power of Corporate America is by building a massive grassroots campaign with local neighborhood and campus action groups, town hall meetings, mass rallies, and strikes.

Please join us on February 15 as we prepare the next steps in the Fight for 15.

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Celebrate MLK Day – March With $15 Now Contingent, Monday 10.30am, Garfield High School

MLK March flier
Come to the rally before the march at 10:30, wear your red "fight for $15" shirt (you can get one at the rally). After the rally come to the big $15 NOW banners at 23rd and Jefferson in front of Ezell's: help us set up a visible, loud and powerful contribution to this year's MLK rally and march for $15 in 2014!
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Huge Political Upset Created by the Election of Kshama Sawant

By Joe Higgins, TD (member of Irish parliament), Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

Who would have imagined that in a major American city, at a post election inauguration ceremony attended by 1,000 people, a new, directly elected Mayor and other members of the City Council would be completely eclipsed by the response of the attendance to a Socialist Councillor? That was the situation in Seattle on 6 January. Socialist Alternative Councillor Kshama Sawant, in her speech, roundly denounced the problems which ‘crisis ridden capitalism’ causes for working class people, called for workers to organise, for a new party of the working class as an alternative to the Republican and Democratic Party politicians and for socialist change. 

Kshama Sawant was elected in November, achieving a stunning 93,000 votes to defeat a long time, right wing incumbent supporter of the Democratic Party. Seattle, with a population of 634,000, has only nine members on the City Council who are elected from the city at large, rather than from smaller electoral areas within the city. The elections are held on a staggered basis with, for example four seats up in 2013 and five the previous year. 

I was privileged to be at the inauguration. It was an amazing event by contrast with the first meetings of newly elected Councils in Ireland. It was held in the huge foyer of City Hall and included the swearing in of the Mayor Ed Murray and three other Councillors re-elected after having served on the Council previously. The public at large are invited to attend this event. 

City officials told me that normally the ceremony would take place in the Council chamber which has seats for 200 members of the public. This time it was different, however. Murray is the first openly gay Mayor elected in Seattle whose business and political establishment consider themselves to be progressive in comparison with other urban areas in the United States. He was the candidate supported by the Democratic Party establishment and invited a large number of establishment representatives to attend. 

The really significant difference, however, was the huge political upset created by the election of Kshama Sawant. Previously it would have been considered unthinkable for a Left/socialist candidate to defeat a Republican or Democratic candidate in a major city in the US. However, Socialist alternative launched a massive campaign addressing the issues affecting the working class of Seattle. At the cutting edge was a demand for the minimum wage of $15 an hour to address rocketing accommodation and other living costs. 

Kshama’s campaign created great excitement among ordinary people, sick of the big business backed two party system in the US. Hundreds of people volunteered to work on the campaign. A massive $141,000 was raised in thousands of contributions from ordinary people and none from big business. 

At the inauguration the packed audience spread from the foyer floor up a very wide staircase onto balconies overlooking the speakers’ podium. The front page headline of the establishment Seattle Times summed up political clash, ‘Murray talks innovation, Sawant raises defiant fist’. In an article subtitled, “Sawant upstages Ed Murray”, the radical weekly The Stranger described the scene. “Socialist city council member Kshama Sawant drew the loudest cheers and the most sustained applause as she denounced “international capitalism” while proclaiming from the center of this bastion of big-D Democracy that “working people need a new political party… accountable to themselves. T-shirted, sign-waving Sawant loyalists raucously cheered as well-dressed, grim-faced Democratic Party regulars shifted on their heels, wondering what to do with their hands. Sawant herself displayed no such uncertainty, closing her speech by raising a fist in the air and declaring: “Solidarity’.” 

Accounts of this unprecedented inauguration were reported by media all over the United States and much further afield. It presages greater struggles to come and points to the possibility of building a real movement for socialist change in the very heartland of world capitalism.

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Rally for $15 January 12th


Join the Fight for $15 Now! Come to the kick-off rally this Sunday January 12 to put Seattle's establishment on notice: we want $15 and we want it NOW!


Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant along with her Socialist Alternative supporters and union allies have launched the website to strengthen the grassroots movement for a $15/hour minimum wage.


The movement for $15/hour has been growing in Seattle and nationally, spearheaded by fast food worker strikes, a successful ballot initiative in Seatac, and the Kshama Sawant campaign for city council.


In spite of opposition from big business, Seattle is poised to raise its minimum wage to $15/hour in 2014. Even the new Mayor Ed Murray has declared his support for $15.


A $15 minimum wage in Seattle will lay the groundwork for workers, activists and unions across the country to fight for a living wage.


In order to counter the resistance from corporate America, appeals to people to get involved and join the fight. At you can donate $15/month, add your name to a list of endorsers, and sign up to volunteer. See you at the Labor Temple!


Sunday, January 12, 2014
Doors open at 2:00 pm
Rally at 2:30 pm
Labor Temple, Hall One
2800 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121



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Media Roundup: Inauguration of Seattle's First Socialist City Councilmember

Sawant_inauguration_fist.jpgThe inauguration of Seattle City Councilmembers is not usually covered by international media such as The Guardian, Japan Times, or Al Jazeera.  But this was no ordinary inauguration.  This inauguration saw the city’s first socialist councilmember take office in more than a century.  Kshama Sawant “stole the spotlight” from the new, and first openly gay, mayor Ed Murray.  KUOW remarked that though many came out to see Ed Murray inaugurated, “many more came to catch a glimpse of Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s first Socialist City Council member.”  Here are some of the articles published in the last 24 hours:

Seattle Times - Murray talks innovation; Sawant raises defiant fist at inauguration

NY Times - Socialist Sworn In as Seattle City Council Member

KUOW - Socialist Kshama Sawant Delivers Blistering Speech At Inauguration

KING5 - Socialist Kshama Sawant sworn in as Seattle city council member

KIRO TV - Socialist council member calls for tax on super-rich

Q13FOX - Socialist City Council member Sawant vows to fight for working class

The Nation - Seattle Swears In a Socialist

CBS - Socialist Sworn In As Seattle City Council Member, Promises ‘Massive’ Reform

Crosscut - Murray, Sawant: Images from the inauguration - Murray, Sawant promise better Seattle at historic inauguration


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2014 Seattle City Council Socialist Alternative Inauguration Speech: Councilmember Kshama Sawant

My brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your presence here today.

This city has made glittering fortunes for the super wealthy and for the major corporations that dominate Seattle’s landscape. At the same time, the lives of working people, the unemployed and the poor grow more difficult by the day. The cost of housing skyrockets, and education and healthcare become inaccessible.

This is not unique to Seattle. Shamefully, in this, the richest country in human history, fifty million of our people – one in six – live in poverty. Around the world, billions do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation and children die every day from malnutrition.

This is the reality of international capitalism. This is the product of the gigantic casino of speculation created by the highway robbers on Wall Street. In this system the market is God, and everything is sacrificed on the altar of profit. Capitalism has failed the 99%.

Despite recent talk of economic growth, it has only been a recovery for the richest 1%, while the rest of us are falling ever farther behind.

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