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An immigrant woman of color, an Occupy Seattle organizer, and an economics instructor at Seattle Central Community College, Sawant offers voters a detailed policy agenda, backed up by a coherent economic critique and a sound strategy for moving the political debate in a leftward direction. She is passionate but thoughtful. She speaks comfortably on non-economic issues. She is likable. And most important, she's winning over voters.

The Stranger
, 2013 primary election endorsements

Tim_Harris.jpgI’m supporting Kshama Sawant for City Council because Seattle needs truth-tellers who deliver more than business as usual. Sawant is a hard-working, principled, and creative leader that deserves our support.

Timothy Harris, Founding Director of Real Change


RichLang.jpgI support the campaign of Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative Party as a breath of fresh air, bold idealism and leadership towards making our beloved City a role model for the nation.

Rich Lang, Pastor at University Temple United Methodist Church & Real Change Columnist*



Kshama speaks for underpaid workers, for the people whose foreclosures enrich the banks, and for working men and women who are losing ground when health care, food, education and transportation costs escalate.

Dorli Rainey, Longtime Seattle Activist & peaceful Occupy protester maced by Seattle Police  

Kimberly_McCrae.jpgI have known Kshama as a dedicated teacher and an activist in her union and the community. She is an outspoken advocate for public education. I believe that Kshama will bring that same passion to City Hall, and represent working people, not corporations and the wealthy.

Kimberly McCrae, Professor at Seattle Central Community College, President of American Federation of Teachers Local 1789*


Karen_050413.jpgIn the two years I have known Kshama Sawant, I have been impressed with her intelligence and analysis of economic justice. That analysis leads to clarity and commitment to the kind of policy that will improve the lives of Seattle's working people, such as a living wage as minimum wage.  Dr. Sawant's perspective, ideas and energy will help further our city's progressive goals.

Karen Strickland, President of American Federation of Teachers Washington*

Katie_Wilson_Bullhorn.JPGI support Kshama because we need a political movement that challenges corporate power.  We need to organize and take control of our lives, our public space, our social wealth.  Who calls the shots, people or profit? We can start to answer this question right now, in our own city.

Katie Wilson, Transit Riders Union General Secretary 


As an Indian-American, I am heartened to see The Stranger’s powerful endorsement of Kshama Sawant, the Socialist Alternative Party candidate for Seattle City Council.  I’m quite amazed at the pseudo McCarthyism still extant in the United States directed at anything or anyone who dons the “socialist” mantle.  Propaganda it appears is more powerful than anything resembling the truth - that socialism is really about true democracy, the creed which we claim is ours.  Sawant combines intellectual depth with moral urgency, humanity with pragmatism (isn’t it pragmatic to believe that deep inequality hurts not only the poor but everyone?.)  I hope others support Sawant with the same vigor I do.

 Romi Mahajan, President of KKM Group

Richard Conlin voted against paid sick days and that vote should have consequences. Kshama would be a real advocate for working people and the vulnerable in our community. Please support Kshama.

Robby Stern, former labor leader



I wholeheartedly endorse Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council. We sorely need a strong voice to stand against our city's powerful “stakeholders” as they attempt to consolidate their self-interest in this increasingly ferocious landscape of struggle against the corporate control of our lives. She stands for health care justice and all the other social justice issues. She has the crystal-clear vision, commitment and leadership skills to lead the fight for justice for all.

Dr. David McLanahan, co-founder of  Western Washington chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program*

peter2greece.jpgI strongly support Kshama Sawant for the Seattle City Council because she is challenging some of the most important problems facing Seattle: gentrification and the growing inequality of income and wealth. Her support for raising the minimum wage to $15 and for raising taxes on the wealth is an important start.  Kshama Sawant has more than just good ideas and good economic analysis, she is also active in movements for economic and social social justice. Also exciting and needed is her willingness to challenge corporations and capitalism.

Peter Bohmer, Faculty in Economics and Political Economy at Evergreen State College*


Geov_Okinawa_speech.jpgKshama is a rarity - a progressive candidate who is principled, articulate, competent, smart, and fearless, exactly the kind of visionary leader we need on Seattle City Council.

Geov Parrish, Journalist & Community Activist, Former Columnist for The Stranger & Seattle Weekly 

Neil_Fox.jpgI am excited to support Kshama Sawant's campaign for Seattle City Council.  For too long, Seattle politicians have taken the progressive vote for granted and have pandered to corporate interests.  Kshama is willing to stand up to big corporations and fight for economic justice and social equality.  It is exciting, for once, to see real issues discussed in a city council race.

Neil Fox, National Lawyers Guild Seattle Chapter President*


CarlaI'm voting for Kshama Sawant because of her unapologetic support for a living wage and a more progressive tax structure. Inequality is a huge problem that requires bold solutions, and I want someone on the city council who will push for them.

Carla Saulter, transit activist and author of the Bus Chick blog

For Kshama and her supporters, it's not just about divestment; they have been walking the walk, in a very tough campaign, by refusing to take a single dollar of corporate funding from the fossil fuel industry or any of its financial and industrial facilitators. That's an enormous sacrifice, for any political campaign, and, as such, it's a real statement of integrity (the best sort). Kshama LIVES divestment, every day, and we are delighted to have the support of both her and her campaign as we continue to work toward a greener university.

Divest University of Washington

"Kshama Sawant stands  for precisely the values that highly civilized societies much cherish: social justice - fair wages, healthcare for all, access to education, and ability to live healthy, happy life in a clean, stable environment... To bring about a change of this magnitude, Kshama is just the sort of civic leader we need."

Dr. Swadesh Mahajan, Physicist at University of Texas-Austin



Kshama Sawant, we want a win for workers in England too! All eyes on your campaign!

Peter Glover, National Executive Member of England's National Union of Teachers


Running as a Socialist Alternative candidate, Sawant is a fresh, third-party voice that would crack the two-party system's stranglehold on American government. Sonicsgate identifies with the grassroots nature of the Sawant campaign, which has cultivated an open dialogue with citizens by running as a voice of the people and taking zero campaign donations from corporations.

Sonicsgate documentary film team




 WFSE 304see.jpg




Dan Savage (columnist, author, media pundit) 
Sally Soriano (Seattle School Board member 2003 – 2007)
Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine*)
Serj Tankian 
(System of a Down*)
Carlos Hernandez (Subway worker fired from his job for leading Seattle Fast Food worker strikes*)
Mike Lapointe (2014 Independent candidate for U.S. Congress from WA district 2 and former Vice President of the United Electrical Workers Local 264)
Aaron Dixon (Co-founder of Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party, helped found the Carolyn Downs Family Medical Clinic, author of My People are Rising)
Bob Burr (Anti-Coal Candidate running for Bellingham City Council)
Richard Burton, WSNA Political Action Coordinator
Cindy Sheehan (leading anti-war activist)
Matt Gonzalez (Former President, San Francisco City Council & 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate)
Paul Murphy (Member of European Parliament, Socialist Party in Ireland/Committee for a Workers International)
John Fox
David Bloom
Jeanne Legault (Political Vice Chair of 37th District Democrats, Former Vice Chair of King County Democrats*)
Stephen Price (Housing & Occupy Seattle activist*)
Jeremy Griffin (Housing Activist)
J. Glenn Evans (Seattle Activist & poet, Justice Party Washington State Steering Committee member*)
Sonora Jha (Chair, Associate Professor Communication)
Jeb Wyman (Professor of English, Seattle Central Community College, Executive Board Member of AFT Local 1789*)
350.org Seattle
Himanshu Kumar Suri
aka Heems (Das Racist)
Hey Marseilles (local Seattle band: Matt Bishop, Nick Ward, Philip Kobernik, Samuel Anderson, Jacob Anderson, and Colin Richey)
Eat The State!
Justice Party (Washington State Chapter)
Progressive Global Commons
Freedom Socialist Party
Radical Women
International Socialist Organization

United Information Technology Workers
Minshew Networks
Hidmu Eritrean Cuisine
Scott Myers
(Transit Riders Union*)
Linda Averill (Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587, shop steward*)
Steve Hoffman (Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304, shop steward, delegate to MLK County Labor Council*)
Lonnie Lopez (Official sponsor of Initiative 1098, the "tax the rich" initiative)
Doug Nielson (WFSE/AFSCME 1488 Shop Steward*)
Leith Bradley Jasinowski-Kahl (Longshore worker and activist)
Ted Virdone (Instructional Assistant, Seattle Education Association Rep*)
Lauren M. Tozzi (Teacher Activist, Seattle Labor Chorus member*)
Michael Cook (Edmonds Education Association*)
Greg Beiter (Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 Shop Steward*)
Doug Frechin (Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 Shop Steward*)
Adam Spear (Research Oceanographer, Treasurer of IFPTE Local 8a*)
Mary E Smith (Teamsters Local 313*)
Tony Wilsdon (former Secretary of Labor Party, Seattle chapter*)
Stephen Edwards (President, AFSCME Local 2858*)
Elijah Edwards (Treasurer of AFSCME Local 2858*)
Genevieve Morse (Shop Steward CSU Massachusetts Teachers Association/NEA)
Preston Sahabu (Undergraduate Research Assistant for UW Computer Science, UAW Local 4121 member*)
Richard Curtis (Seattle Central Community College Philosophy and Political Science Instructor)
Jordan Martinez (Seattle Central Community College student)
Casey Jaywork (Seattle Central Community College student)
Michael Guittard (Seattle Central Community College student)
Julia Hanley (Seattle Central Community College student)
Steven Swenson (Seattle University School of Law student)
Scott Meyer (Seattle University School of Law student)
Ian Carrick (Seattle University student)
Stuart Smithers (University of Puget Sound student)
Larissa Chuprina (Lake Washington Institute of Technology*)
Daniel Ojalvo (Occupy Seattle activist*)
Devin Matthews-Jensen (Occupy Seattle activist & Washington CAN*)
Kaite Mark (Washington CAN*)
Ronnie Rodriquez (Washington CAN*)
Megan Thompson (Washington CAN*)
Masud Shah (Washington CAN*)
David Alvarez (Solid Ground*)
Dan DiLeva (October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality & WashTech/CWA member*)
Josh Harper (US Uncut*)
Ed Mays (Pirate Television)
Dora Taylor (Seattle Green Party*, Parents across America*)
Ramy Khalil (Socialist Alternative)
Philip Locker (Justice Editor)
Linde Knighton (2012 Progressive Party candidate for district 36b of WA House of Representatives)
Ryan Reilly (2008 Ralph Nader campaign organizer & former ACORN organizer*)
Jessica Spear (Burke Museum climate scientist*)
Linda Jansen (Seattle Antiwar activist)
Joe Sonntag (Social Worker and anti-war activist)
Michelle Tonneslan (Social Worker)
Felicia Newhouse (Social Worker)
Nathaniel Bergstein (Social Worker)
Hillary Bolles (Social Worker)
Kailyn Nicholson (Elementary School Tutor)
Jordan Quinn (Bellingham anti-coal activist)
Chris Moore
Jaime Harris
Todd Armstrong
Jon Morgan
Alex Sanchez
Andrew Beane
Danny Peña
Odile Valenzuela
Peter Platz
Emily Gardner
Jumanji Ohara
Gregg Leinweber
Richard Merrell
David DiCato
Brock Larson
Steven King
Wai-Kiat Tang
Gregory Laynor
Miranda Weber
Cindy Irwin
Jinah Yoon
Tyler Henderson
Andrea Mitchell
Thomas Keough
Kerry Finnan
Karina Miller
Curtis Vaughn
Rich Jensen
Lukas Zöbelein
Chris Middleman
Calvin Priest
Anindita Mitra
David Thompson
David Fathi
William Bass
Ivy Nightscales
Bern Haggerty
Shulamit Decktor
Sarah Fugett
Raymond Murphy
Alan OldStudent
Michael Locker
Howard Pellett
Tim White
Francisco Irigon
Richard Evans
Suzan Bekiroglu
Aaron Shannon
David Wieland
Stuart Morgan
Kaite Kaitlen
Jessica Spears
Luz Olivia
Rebecca Ross
Lisa Austill
Chris Natale
Martin Martin
Amanda Morse
Bruce Parris
Josh Lewis
Lawanda Ervin
Becky Hardewele
Paul Meadows
Daniel Woody
John Woody
Young Han
Michelle Schmidt
Darren Mable
Josh Landgebe
Julianna Dauble
David Lay
Diomicio Pattigolam
Ashley Thompson
Varsha Nair
Aaron Gignac
Saunatina Sanchez
Angela Jefferson
Calli Orth
Marissa Jasper
Cliff Sheckles
John Beauchand
Christina Haught
Evan Flory
Celso Tolman
Denis Harney 
Judi Gibbs 
Brian Allen
Mark Flanders
Sonja Ponath 
Chris Hoy 
Diane Vincent
Ben Kunesh 
Michael Locker 
Raghav Kaushik
KKM Group 
Deran Ludd
Luke Held 
Amy Eva 
Sue Peters
Rob Haberman
Alexandra Ricks
Joanne Quinn

*For identification purposes only


Sarah Scott

Devin Matthews-Jenson (Washington C.A.N. organizer*) endorsing Kshama

Jeremy Griffin (homeowner fighting eviction and activist with S.A.F.E.*) endorses Kshama

Stephen Price (Housing & Occupy Seattle activist) endorses Kshama

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