Fight for 15 Now

Dear Supporters,

I am writing to ask for your help with an historic living wage campaign with national repercussions.

The momentum for a $15/hour minimum wage is clearly on our side. Recently, December 5th, there were another approximately 100 strikes and rallies of fast food workers across the country demanding a $15/hour minimum wage.  With this dynamic struggle, the successful $15/hour minimum wage ballot initiative in SeaTac, Washington, and my election to Seattle City Council with a campaign that centered on $15/hour, we have a lot of exciting momentum.

I am working with unions and community organizations to build on this by preparing to launch a grassroots campaign to win a $15/hour minimum wage in Seattle in 2014.  This campaign will build up public pressure to make sure the city government passes a real ordinance for $15/hour.

But this might not be enough. Big business will not let this pass without a serious fight. We will need to counter the power of corporate America with a powerful mass movement of neighborhood and campus groups, town hall meetings, and mass rallies. In case the city government fails to pass a real $15/hour ordinance, we need to lay the basis now for a $15 ballot initiative in November 2014.

We need to face up to this challenge. It will be a trial of strength between the 99% and corporate America. Can we win this battle? I believe we can, but it depends on every one of us stepping up.

This $15 Now campaign will require real resources, and we have a goal of getting at least 1000 people to donate $15 per month. Will you join me in donating $15 per month to the $15 Now campaign? Of course, you are welcome to donate more on a monthly or one-time basis!

We are concentrating on Seattle where the fight for $15 has the best immediate prospects. But a victory in Seattle in 2014 would open the floodgates for working people to follow suit and demand $15/hour across the country.

Please let me know what you think about this initiative and whether we can count on your endorsement and donation.

You can set up a monthly donation, or a one time donation here.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming launch of


In Solidarity,

Kshama Sawant

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Kshama is a rich person who hates poor people. She want the poor to lose their jobs. If there are no jobs, they will leave leave the Seattle.