Campaign Platform

Fund Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr.
  • A Millionaire’s Tax to fund mass transit, education, and living-wage union jobs providing vital social services.
  • End corporate welfare. Tax freeloading corporations. Reduce the unfair tax burden on small businesses, homeowners & workers.
  • Unionize Amazon, Starbucks & low-paid service workers.
  • No layoffs or attacks on public sector unions!

Environmental Sanity

  • Put the brakes on the coal trains! Words are not enough – the council needs to pass an ordinance & organize mass protests to make Seattle coal-free.
  • End the traffic disaster. Dramatically expand public transit & bikeways so cars aren’t necessary to meet day-to-day transit needs.

Affordable Housing

  • We need rent control!
  • End homelessness in Seattle. Fully fund services for the disabled, veterans, seniors, & families in crisis.

Fight Police Brutality & Racism

  • Build a mass movement against police brutality & racial profiling. Create an elected civilian review board with full powers over the police. No SPD drones.
  • The council should campaign for immediate, unconditional citizenship rights for all undocumented immigrants. Enact a moratorium on Seattle deportations.

Quality Public Schools

  • Stop defunding public schools. Lower class sizes. Support Seattle teachers & students boycotting the MAP standardized test.
  • Empower students, parents, and teachers to democratically develop culturally relevant curriculum. Expand anti-bullying efforts & curriculum promoting LGBTQ equality, anti-racism, and anti-sexism.
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